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Celtica Radio International is an independent commercial radio station which uses the Internet as its transmission platform broadcasting in both MP3 and RealMedia formats. The station has its head office based in Bridgend, Wales, and provides a broad mix of programming available worldwide in live, on-demand and downloadable formats. Celtica Radio started broadcasting on 21 June 2000, and is still in the same ownership. In the year 2012 Celtica Radio logged over one and three-quarter million listeners, and achieved over 54,000 podcast downloads. Since November 2012, around 300,000 listeners a month tune into Celtica Radio. On April 23, 2011, the station started broadcasting through the transmitters of Radio Hafren on 756 kHz Medium Wave, until February 10, 2015 when Radio Hafren closed. The broadcasts were for two hours per night, every night from Midnight to 2 AM local time. Distance or DX listeners who provided a reception report were sent by return of post a QSL card. Radio Hafren began FM broadcasts on 102.1 MHz FM at 10:21 am on Monday, August 11, 2014. Celtica Radio programs on that frequency started at Midnight on Tuesday August 12.

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